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Cloud Retail Systems is an IT company that develops omnichannel ERP systems for stores and chain stores within various industries.



We aim to develop and deliver the best omnichannel, industry-specific ERP systems for retail businesses and chains.



Our mission is to make the work of retail businesses more efficient and cost-effective by providing a tailored end-to-end solution that can digitize and automate their workflows, thereby reducing their administrative costs.

Our purpose

Our 30 years of experience demonstrate that the use of multiple IT systems in the store or chain leads to fragmented administration, increasing costs and providing poor visibility. In other words, employing various IT systems from different vendors hinders efficiency and growth in the store.

Therefore, our goal is to offer an omnichannel total solution, enabling stores and chains to manage all their business processes in one intelligent system, ensuring they remain agile and competitive in the dynamic omnichannel landscape.

We understand that no two stores or chains are alike, and there can be significant differences among stores within the same industry. Hence, the words “flexibility, innovation, and user-friendliness” are pivotal for us, guiding our actions and solutions.

We have a close collaboration with both our customers and industry associations when developing solutions.

We always thoroughly immerse ourselves in the task and ask the necessary questions to map out our customers’ needs. This is how we ensure that our customers get the right solutions that align with their visions of digitization and efficiency. With us, the customer doesn’t have to adapt to the system’s structure and ‘fit into predefined boxes.’ We enable customers to have a direct influence on the development of their ERP system.

We constantly strive for improvement and are always on the lookout for new opportunities. We closely monitor market developments, including technological advancements, changing customer needs, and regulatory changes.

We accompany our customers throughout the entire digitalization journey.

Our values


We listen to our customers’ challenges while keeping an eye on technological developments, legal changes, and trends in the retail industry to enhance Sapera. This allows us to offer our customers a secure and intelligent solution that will make them competitive and agile.


With over 30 years of experience in developing ERP systems for various industries and a vast portfolio of effective solutions, we are capable of inspiring our customers. We are ready to provide competent advice, training, and support whenever our customers need it.


Even though we have developed many exciting industry-specific solutions, we understand that no two stores are alike. Even within the same industry, there can be significant differences between stores. Therefore, we develop a flexible, tailored solution that can always be adapted to changes in the retail industry, technological developments, store growth, and legal changes.

Credibility and stability are our strengths.

Meet our team

With over 30 years of experience and remarkable employee stability, where many of our developers and support staff have been with us for over 15 years, we are a company you can trust.

Our experienced support team and software developers have a profound understanding of our internally developed system as well as our customers, their needs, and relevant legal requirements.

Cloud Retail Systems

Cloud Retail Systems offers a wide range of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our key services include POS /  Accounting Software /  Warehouse Management / Order Management.

Our target audience includes retail chains and stores across various industries.

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30 years of experience

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30 års erfaring


POS / Lagerhåndtering / Finans / Ordrestyring /Webshop / App

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