Meet our team

With over 30 years of experience and remarkable employee stability, where many of our developers and support staff have been with us for over 15 years, we are a company you can trust. Our experienced support team and software developers have a profound understanding of our internally developed system as well as our customers, their needs, and relevant legal requirements.

Mogens C. Svendsen Cloud Retail Systems Danmark
Mogens C. Svendsen


Troels Ejsing - Cloud Retali Systems Danmark
Troels Reimer Ejsing


Brigitta Harding Bunford

Group marketing manager

Ole S. Madsen - Cloud Retail Systems Danmark
Ole Madsen

Operations Manager

Shahid - Cloud Retail Systems a/s Danmark
Shahid Khan

Online retail Specialist

Martin Bang Cloud Retail Systems Danmark
Martin Bang Sørensen

Business Specialist

Claus Coltau Cloud Retail Systems Danmark
Claus Coltau


CRS Danmark - Fremtidens teknologi
Caspar Christophe Ejsing

Project manager

Lukas Madsen Cloud Retail Systems Danmark
Lukas Madsen


Preben Kristensen - Cloud Retail Systems
Preben Kristensen

Account Manager

Hans Christian Cloud Retail Systems Danmark
Hans Christian Juhl


CRS Danmark - Fremtidens teknologi
Brian Aslak

sales associate


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Sapera is a cloud-based omnichannel business system designed for stores and chains aiming to digitize and automate their workflows across the entire business.